“[A] fortunate audience assembled on the steps of Grant’s Tomb [for] “More Or Less I Am,” an hour of spoken word, song, dance, and music based on Walt Whitman’s 1855 poem “Song of Myself.” Karin Coonrod, who created and directed the show, offered these words of introduction: 'Hold on to your hats.' Whitman would rather we’d thrown them in the air in delight, and at countless moments during the performance I’d have done just that (if I'd had a hat). ... It was a chilly evening...[but] the performers, lighted from below on a rudimentary set, came in close to the audience, and the ruckus they kicked up seemed to keep everyone warm. ... 'Song of Myself' is a brilliant, strange poem, part celebration of birth and life, part funeral dirge. ... 'More or Less I Am' makes it accessible, and urgent even, arguing for its place as our most patriotic poem. ... felt as though we’d created, audience and performers together, a real community. To risk sounding trite, we’d become Whitman’s Americans living in his America."
-- Ian Crouch, THE NEW YORKER, May 14, 2010
"...using fusion rhythm and Hebrew songs, an extraordinary experience was had with LAUDE IN URBIS with the final triumph in the piazza, blessed by a shower of petals and a joyous dance of the actors and the company of itinerant audience, in the last moment of this singular spectacle of meta-theater, part medieval mystery play and part 'happening...'"
-- Marco Sciarra, ORVIETO SI, June 13, 2006

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